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Releasing music in 2022

We at v92dvg have had enough!

We all thought that the loudness war was behind us but recent album releases seem to prove it's far from over. Whereas at the same time the industry would like to make us believe they care about the quality of what they put out by communicating heavily about their - very expensive - 'half-speed mastering' vinyl special editions, they keep on delivering massively squashed CDs with very little (if any) dynamics. To us those sound lifeless, they are aggressive and tiring while at the same time lack presence and real power. Vinyls are usually marginally better but not always.

At v92dvg we have taken a different approach with our own releases. The latest, (o)'s debut album 'Meraki' present you with the music as it was intended by the artists. We have retained the whole dynamic of the original master, quiet is quiet and loud is loud! Because of this the initial feeling will be that the album is not as loud as those from other labels but just turn up the volume and - boom - you will notice and enjoy the difference!

So - it's not a gimmick - TURN IT UP!


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